Steve McCurry Updates

Documentary photographer Steve McCurry, best known for his portrait of the Afghan Girl, has been keeping a blog and in a very welcome move recently increased the size of the pictures he posts. Although more recognized for his portraits, McCurry also has some incredibly sobering war photography work on there – showing both the best and worst in humanity all over the world. Incredibly strong work, and if you are into photography this a must-follow by one of the legends of our time. Check the blog out here, and hit the jump for an Al Jazeera interview with McCurry.

(Beware of the annoying pop sound if you skip to an unloaded section of the video. Best to let the whole thing load first before skipping sections)

2 responses to “Steve McCurry Updates”

  1. Joseph says:

    That afghan girl is gorgeous

  2. Jack says:

    That is true for funding recommendation as properly.