Q&A: Figuré BMX Magazine

A few weeks ago, I was emailed a teaser for a new free French magazine called Figuré BMX Mag. It was labeled “Teaser 1” which led me to believe there were more to follow. I didn’t post any, hoping I’d be able to clump them all together in a nice package with a Q&A.

Voilà!!! (thats French for “ta-da” more or less)

I reached out to Fabien with a few questions. Click below for that.

What’s the story behind Figuré BMX Mag?
We had the idea for a while without finding time to work on the project. Until these 5 past months, we didn’t get the little sparkling thing which is telling you that it’s the right time. We had a long talk with a friend who’s working for a free skate mag here in France and he definitly motivate us.

The main goal is to give to our sport a better visibility in France. I mean that this free magazine is going to be distributed in few indoor parks, many shops where none of other french BMX mags were.

We also realized, not only in BMX business but in the press from a global point of view, that we lived a new wave of print. Since ever, we are in love with printed photographies and magazines. So all mixed, we thought that is was the good time, expect that we don’t have much more time than before, but doesn’t matter because this new project is so exciting. It is good to be involved on something new. Fresh air is always good for your health hey hey.

Who is involved?
This new project is running with my brother Lilian who’s going to work on all the marketing stuff for Figuré. Few other close friends are also in the game as John GARCIA and Shelter DOE who are taking care of few topics, Freddy BERMOND and Xavier TSCHUDI are involved on photo stuff. Vincent JACQUIN is in charge of all the design, graphic stuff etc etc.

We’ve received the help from few contributors from all over the world. Our common is to be all BMX riders since long times, except Vincent, the intrusion…

Who is in charge of layout and design?
As I said, Vincent is our design dude and graphist of the project. He running a graphic studio in North East of France called SMALL STUDIO .

He is so talented and so friendly. Until Figuré, he wasn’t involved on BMX stuff which is good for us because he’s giving to the mag something fresh with a different point of view from what existed in French BMX business.

What direction will the magazine take? How will it differ from other magazines?
Figuré is going to be a clean support with many photos based on a « smart » layout. We are all inspired on art stuff, so the mag will show an artistic glance.

Our priority is to make a great support with quality (choice of paper, photos, etc etc) more than quantity. That is why the mag is going to be available 4 times a year, precisely on changing of the seasons (March 21 : Spring, June 21 : Summer, September 21 : Automn, and December 21 : Winter). So few topics inside the magazine will be connected with the season.

Figuré is the first french free BMX mag, so the concept is different from the others BMX mag in France. As free support, the mag is going to reach the readers directly inside skateparks, contests etc etc. Also the format and the paper is different from the others in France, smaller, kind of pocket format…

Will Figuré BMX Mag mainly cover the French scene, or will it be farther reaching?
The mag will mainly cover the french scene, that is true but not also. We are focus on France generally for the beginning. There is many things here which need to be more developed.

I have to add that we’ll try to cover french riders even if they are riding outside of France, International riders travelled in France, etc etc.

We’ll try to interview a well known and influential rider on each issue even if he’s not french. For example, we worked with Corey MARTINEZ on the 1st issue.

Few international contest or jam will also finding a place in the mag…

The “free” magazine business model seems to be a successful one, did this help influence your decision to create the mag?
Undeniably, free magazine model influenced us to run the project. SOMA SKATE Mag which is leading by friends in France was a great example. Even if skate market is way biger than the one in BMX, the idea of adapted the concept in France was good. Just curious to see how Figuré will evolve.
It seems to be a successful model, but in France it’s still ambitious and today I can’t affirm that Figuré is going to be a success…

At this time the idea is welcomed from everybody, which is a good first thing. Knock some wood as we say here hey hey…

How can someone get a hold of an issue?
The distribution will be taken care by the 4 biggest french BMX distros which going to send the mag to the shops almost everywhere in France. We are sending it to the 10 biggest indoor parks, and on more than 30 contests and jams during the year.

The mag will aslo be on few selected fashion apparel store and exhibitions linked with BMX field etc etc.

It is also possible to received an issue to your home by postal way. All is explicated (in French) on the website…

Will the magazine be available outside of France?
Not for the 1st issue. but we received offers from Swiss, Belgium and Luxembourg so we’ll work on this point on the next weeks. We’d love to…

Thanks! Anything you would like to add before we wrap this up?
Just would like to thanks you for the opportunity of spreading the word on Figuré. Thanks also to all the people behind companies, cameras, computers, who helped directly or indireclty the initiative. This adventure wasn’t possible without the warmly help.

You could have a look on our website even if all is in french…There are some universal micro web teaser.

Follow us on facebook and twitter, we are uploading universal footage…

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    The dudes ‘over the pond’ are killing it! First ‘Albion’ and now ‘figure’. Keep at it.

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