Edits Quarterly

Really digging the navigation of this site and love the treatment to the photographs. This is an amazing way to present editorial content in a browser and even with the influence that you can see from print layouts, it is very well though out and enjoyable to use. I’m definitely tired of the people who just try to design a traditional print magazine layout and throw it online, thinking they are creating a online magazine… Seeing this layout and the quality of content is a breath of fresh air and actually gets me excited for the future of “online magazines”.

Check out the site here – editsquarterly.com

6 responses to “Edits Quarterly”

  1. Mike Ghost says:

    Awesome. thank you for posting


  2. Clem Stevens says:

    Defgrip you should look into making your photos easier to view…Scroll down or left/right!

  3. harrisonboyce says:

    Yeah, we are working on that right now! Don’t worry, we hate the current gallery layouts just as much as you guys do!

  4. Wednesday says:

    Sweet, I’m into this!

  5. Huge fan of Edits Quarterly and Ian Coyle’s interactive work. Recently i’ve been investing a lot of time conceptualizing how to tell stories on the web. I’m currently developing a day/weekend-trip publication that I think you would be into to.

    Can’t wait till the next issue of Edit’s is up!

  6. Lara says:

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