Bruno Hoffmann


5 responses to “Bruno Hoffmann”

  1. Spindle says:

    He is so sick, but his riding can get boring to watch, all grinds/spins

  2. Lucas says:

    i could not disagree more, i know it’s generally grinds, spins, wallrides and manuals. but he does some of the craziest combos and lines. and above that he just knows what looks best on every single spot. admittedly it’s not going to appeal to everyone but i feel like bruno is definitely within the top 10 of street riders right now. great edit.

  3. Marko says:

    Banger was beyond banging, like gang banging and shit, wahhhhhh!

  4. Spindle says:

    yea my comment came out wrong, it made it sound like I don’t think its awesome, this is definitely one of my top 5 edits this year, he truly kills it everywhere and his lines are sick, however it wouldn’t kill him to add a bar or whip once in a while (but not overdo it like many people these days)

  5. says:

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