Robert Frank

One day I hope to get my hands on Robert Frank’s book, The Americans, but for now, I’m just going to have to settle for admiring Franks work online.

“There are few single works of art that have changed the direction of their medium. In 1959, one book dramatically altered how photographers looked through their viewfinders and the way Americans saw themselves.”


  • Sam

    Such an amazing piece of work from Frank. Imagine how it was received at the time, would of changed the way many saw America at the time.

  • jstncse

    it wasn’t well received at the time

  • The photos are so much better in the actual book… The simple layout, and clean titles is so well done and copied by nearly everyone.

  • Robert Frank’s amazing.

  • grandeur1

    One of my top 3 photographers, if not my top 1. His work is so inspiring.

  • The photos are so much better in the actual book.