Focalpoint The Package vol 4

Dope edit from Focalpoint. Check it out and keep reading for all the info.

Volume #4

Riders: Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Cooper Brownlee, Flagz, Sam Illman, Jack Kelly, Kym Grosser, Troy Charlesworth, Jamie Keating, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Phil Del Tito and Mick Bayzand.

Filmed in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane, Australia.

Filmed by: Cooper Brownlee, Daniel Johnson, Rhys Yeomans, Marnold, Sam Illman and Jack Kelly

Edited by: Cooper Brownlee.

There is also a photogallery from the edit here…

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5 responses to “Focalpoint The Package vol 4”

  1. Cooper Brownlee says:

    Thanks for the post Harrison.

  2. Moon_antarctica says:

    1:54 school from summer Heights High?

  3. Jimmythecat says:

    yep…fuck you miss

  4. Pete says:

    That Tom Stretton looks like the dude from Summer Heights High. Coincidence? I think not.

  5. Ramonita says:

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