Beyond The Black Rainbow

This is one of those trailers that I wasn’t able to get three seconds into with out screen grabbing every frame. Film grain, lens flares, coloring, titles…. can it get any better??

6 responses to “Beyond The Black Rainbow”

  1. Mikeyluplow says:

    that looks amazing

  2. Albie says:

    When I saw that robot looking fellow, I was really hoping it was a feature length Daft Punk music video…

  3. dirtron says:

    sooOO cool.

  4. Kai Kuusisto says:


  5. Tyler Johnson says:

    This trailer makes this movie look amazing, but EVERY single review I have read about it says it’s terrible with absolutely no plot. Either way I still feel like seeing it for the visual aspect alone.

  6. says:

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