Q&A: Justin Kosman / Crooked World

Justin “always up to something” Kosman just dropped a new video based site called The Crooked World.

Click below for a Q&A about it all.

So, Tell us a little about the Crooked World. What made you start up the site?

I started a partnership with YouTube to produce original content and I wanted to have a destination site where the Crooked World could grow and develop it's own identity outside of the YouTube video page.

What is the main objective of the site?

The main objective of the site is to create another opportunity for filmers and riders to produce quality content and give the online community more professional-level riding to watch. The opportunities to develop rider personalities is huge with online media and I love watching that shit just as much as riding. I got Props 1 for Christmas and the characters were just as memorable as the riding. Usually when I'm filming a Calling The Shots episode there comes a point where I can barely hold the camera steady because I'm laughing so much. And now with YouTube promoting a variety of premium channels, there is a place for this content to call home with The Crooked World BMX under the Network A umbrella.

Will most of your video work be on this site now?

I'm still doing projects for Espn like the Rare Air series which may eventually grow into a larger documentary-style project in coming months. All the brand projects that I produce will still live on their endemic channels, but now I have the opportunity to re-purpose many of those past projects into director's cuts and behind the scenes videos for the channel.

Who will be contributing and how often will it be updated?

We'll have original content every Tuesday and many of those director's cuts will be released as they are re-mastered. I've got Justin Soule, Bobby Kanode, Bret Trigg, Grant Castelluzzo, Andrew Brady, Dave Leep and a couple other filmers that I'm working with moving forward.

Will the site have named/themed features weekly?

Episodes are important. If you can create consistent quality content that people can come to expect every month, you'll create a community of loyal viewers. Right now we're producing the Calling The Shots series which I've been doing for a couple years and a series called “HEAT” which is straight up BMX action. Overall I want to integrate rider personalities into the video projects; I feel like that is a big opportunity with online media that has a lot of room to grow.

Care to spill the beans on anything that may be coming soon?

We've got somethings in the works with Kachinsky and the Bakery and creating opportunities for both of us moving forward. I'll probably be collaborating with The Hunt Gold for 2012 as well. Drew York will be cackling at the end of all the videos for the first couple months as well.

Check out The Crooked World HERE.


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