Interview: Edwin De La Rosa

One way you have been present online though, is through your photos. You've done some rad stuff for us, you're on Instagram and you keep a Tumblr. When did shooting photos become a constant every day thing for you?

I started shooting photos ever since I was about 15-16, that's around the time I started to go on trips. I was so fucking hyped that I was going somewhere, that I would bring a disposable camera before every trip just to have a record of everything that happened. It was so sick after every trip, I would get the film developed and give some out to the homies. I'm really happy that I took photos back then, it's cool to look at them now.

What kind of camera do you use most of the time?

I use a Contax T2 and a T4

I'm a fan of film, and I know you are too. You don't have to sway me, but why film over digital?

I just like the way it looks. Digital is sick but it doesn't have that film look. I love film cause it really makes you think before you shoot a photo. Every shot is money.

Nobody shoots photos of graffiti and street art unless they're into it. You often do. Any certain writers/artists you check for out there?

Adek, Gusto, Katsu, Kech, Desa, Malvo, Lewy, JA, Noxer, Ms17, Boner – way too many people to list. You don't really have a choice to be into it – I noticed it at a young age. You ride around the city looking for spots and you just notice it, who's beefing, who's up the most.

What else makes you raise your camera, what catches your eye?

I love to shoot fights, graffiti, NYC landscapes, Melissa pissing everywhere in the streets, and my friends.

What's next? Anything brewing in the near future that you can spill the beans about?

Me, Tom and Hoder are going on an Animal trip to Austin next week for a couple of days to film for a new Animal video Bob is working on. That should be out soon. It's my first time on a trip with Tom and Hoder, so I'm syked he's on the team. He is out of his mind and that's the way he acts when he rides. He's fucking crazy.

Thanks Ed! Anything you'd like to add before we wrap this up?

I wanna thank Defgrip for this interview and for all the support you guys have been showing me the past year. Ralph Sinisi, Robbie Morales, Glenn PP Milligan, Enos for hooking me up with the Base t-shirts back in the day, Tyrone, Wormz, Bob, Vinnie, Tom White, Joey, Ralphy and Nigel, John Povah at Etnies for being a real official TM when I was on the team, Mike Aland at DC, Jeff Regis and Jenner at Red Bull, Dans Comp, all the BTM homies, Hoder, Jerry (both Jerry's), Melissa, Ryan Humphrey, Chris Moeller, Troy at Post, Phil Banks, my daughter Alexa and of course my Mom for always cooking up the best food and feeding everyone when they come thru.

Bonus question. Who has the best pizza in New York?


10 responses to “Interview: Edwin De La Rosa”

  1. Vasyaman says:

    Ed is my hero <3

  2. eh says:

    dope interview

  3. Florian Lancelle says:

    So great man ! It reminds me of when I first start riding and makes me want to go street riding RIGHT NOW even if it’s fucking snowing and cold here in Switzerland.
    @Defgrip : keep up the good work guys !
    @Edwin : just change nothing dude

  4. C. Doyle says:

    Ed’s the man. That photo of him, Mikey, and Vic… Damn.

  5. russian says:

    I have shared a beer with many riders I grew up watching and idolizing and I must say, Ed will always sit at the top of the list of who Id love to meet.

    Its funny, but I always just got the feeling that he was no bullshit, true to himself. Ive realized slowly but surely, a lot of pros today are just a cool face until you actually meet them.

    amazing interview
    like florian said

    edwin: change nothing.

  6. Ed has created a certain aesthetic for all street riders…i seen him in nyc last time i was there…dude is a legend. Respect.

  7. william says:

    this interview was dope!!

  8. Ridebmx613 says:

    I think alot of people dont reliaze what real street riding is…cruisin down the street rollin like 7-10 people deep is a better feeling than doing a flairwhip{not that i can} but that feeling is up there no homo, and if i could i would watch Edwin Delarosa’s Street clips all day if i could. He always has the most rawest footy thats why hes up there with all my favorite riders including tyrone williams,wormz nygel and all them

  9. Brian Tunney says:

    That Bob/Scarface photo is too good. Also, I find it highly ironic that the Red Bull ad going along with this interview says “Get yours at Launchpad.”

  10. I used to love rolling with my Moms all around the city taking the train everywhere, learning the train lines and seeing different parts of the city.

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