Interview: Edwin De La Rosa

One mythical dude that I associate you with is Vic Ayala. I remember when you'd come out to Long Island and ride with him back in the day. I know you're probably sick of being asked what he's up to and things like that, so I'm gonna ask you to sing his praises. How did you guys click and what made you inseparable for a while?

Vic is chilling, I see him a lot still, not like it was back in the day but we chill. Honestly we just met and clicked, we had a lot of things in common. We rode, were around the same, we love making jokes and making fun of people. He's the same dude now as he was then except he doesn't ride.

You guys had similar riding styles, was it ever competitive or did you just feed off each other?

It was never competitive. The funny thing is, we rode, we were cool but we didn't really talk about riding. The relationship we had was bigger than just bike riding.

What riders outside of your crew are you feeling these days?

I like AK, Chase DeHart, Garrett Reynolds, Dan Lacy and Tymoe.

You tend to keep a pretty low profile online in terms of frequent web edits, as does most of the Animal/Skavenger crew. Is this intentional? The way I see it, you guys ride/film a lot, compile stuff for videos and make a big splash all at once. That's a pretty unique approach these days.

I don't know, it's not really intentional, it's how Bob does it. He'd rather save a lot of clips for the video. But I understand in this day and age you gotta have web videos – we definitely plan on doing more online in the future.

The latest Skavenger video premiered here on Defgrip, and could be considered a long web edit in a way. Why did you guys decide to drop the video online?

It's the easiest way the get it out there.

Are you filming for anything now?

I'm trying to get some shit done for a new animal project that's coming up real soon.

One of my favorite Ed moments was from CUTS when you come in over that “people have a memory loss” Del sample. Did that sample have anything to do with addressing any kinda criticism? I don't know – Bob put it in there, it wasn't my decision. I don't give a fuck if people talk shit, I know I'm riding I'm just not putting my clips out there every day like some people do.

**EDITORS NOTE – I asked Bob Scerbo the same question:

Scerbo – The Del sample is actually from a really old Atmosphere song I had considered using for my part, the song is called Earblister. When we were making the first Animal video originally I was gonna use the Del song Ed used, so I thought it was a fitting way to link the parts. Coincidentally, the lyrical content is very fitting. As far as criticism goes, I have no concern what people think of us, I like to hear peoples opinions out of curiosity but it never affects what I do.


10 responses to “Interview: Edwin De La Rosa”

  1. Vasyaman says:

    Ed is my hero <3

  2. eh says:

    dope interview

  3. Florian Lancelle says:

    So great man ! It reminds me of when I first start riding and makes me want to go street riding RIGHT NOW even if it’s fucking snowing and cold here in Switzerland.
    @Defgrip : keep up the good work guys !
    @Edwin : just change nothing dude

  4. C. Doyle says:

    Ed’s the man. That photo of him, Mikey, and Vic… Damn.

  5. russian says:

    I have shared a beer with many riders I grew up watching and idolizing and I must say, Ed will always sit at the top of the list of who Id love to meet.

    Its funny, but I always just got the feeling that he was no bullshit, true to himself. Ive realized slowly but surely, a lot of pros today are just a cool face until you actually meet them.

    amazing interview
    like florian said

    edwin: change nothing.

  6. Ed has created a certain aesthetic for all street riders…i seen him in nyc last time i was there…dude is a legend. Respect.

  7. william says:

    this interview was dope!!

  8. Ridebmx613 says:

    I think alot of people dont reliaze what real street riding is…cruisin down the street rollin like 7-10 people deep is a better feeling than doing a flairwhip{not that i can} but that feeling is up there no homo, and if i could i would watch Edwin Delarosa’s Street clips all day if i could. He always has the most rawest footy thats why hes up there with all my favorite riders including tyrone williams,wormz nygel and all them

  9. Brian Tunney says:

    That Bob/Scarface photo is too good. Also, I find it highly ironic that the Red Bull ad going along with this interview says “Get yours at Launchpad.”

  10. I used to love rolling with my Moms all around the city taking the train everywhere, learning the train lines and seeing different parts of the city.

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