Interview: Edwin De La Rosa

Without a doubt, your surroundings have played a part in shaping your riding style. I'm sure you were forced to utilize anything rideable. Would you agree? Was it natural for you to just hop rails and 360 whole streets from sidewalk to sidewalk?

Growing up in the NYC all there is, is street. It's natural, you don't have a choice. There's was not a lot of skateparks so you just take advantage of your surroundings.

You've had footage at The Brooklyn Banks in almost everything you've put out, what's it like not having them around anymore?

When the Banks first closed, I didn't really think it was a big deal. There's so many other things to ride in the city. I definitely do miss it – it was a good place to hang out at, meet up, and get stuck all day.

What's the craziest riding and non-riding thing you've seen go down at the Banks?

I've seen so much shit down there, drug use, mad fights, a dude riding a dirt bike down there wilding out. But the one thing that sticks out is, one night I was rolling through the big banks on the top part and seen a kid getting jumped into a gang. I stopped and watched for a little bit and then one of the dudes told me the get the fuck out of there so I dipped off.

How has the city changed from when you first started riding?

One of the biggest things is the amount of people that ride the city now compared to back then and then you have spots that are gone, but New York City is always building, so new shit pops up all the time.

While it's more common for East Coasters to move West, the opposite does happen. What's it like having Hoder around as someone to chill and ride with?

I never really thought about like that, but its good. He's cool and down to ride whenever. I've been having a good time showing him New York and all the spots.

Any good Hoder stories come to mind?

Haha, I got one for you Nuno. Me, (my girl) Melissa, Hoder and Daniel Benson were out in the city at Mars Bar drinking, celebrating that Hoder finished shooting his interview for the Albion and I shot a couple of things also, so we left the bar and were walking towards a bank so we could get some money out.

So I'm at the entrance of the bank and I heard someone say something to Hoder – I look back and there's 8 guys and Hoder says something back and seriously punched out 5 of them in seconds, boom boom boom. So now shit pops off, everyone jumps on Hoder, I jump in to help him out, me and Hoder are fighting 4 guys each for what felt like forever. At one point I look over at Hoder and he's on the floor with a bunch of dudes on him and Melissa runs over there and jumps on this guys back and starts punching the shit out of him, she's a G I love her. When the fight was over they ran away cause we were acting crazy – how you gotta act if you're fighting 4-5 guys each. I'm not a fighting guy but when your homie is getting jumped you gotta help out.

When the fight was over, Hoder was missing a shoe and lost his shirt. So, the next day I get a call from Hoder, he came over to my house to get clothes and shoes from me. So I look out the window and he's standing out there with his girl and I don't know how he got a cab to my house. His girl must of hailed the cab cause if I was a cabbie, I wouldn't pick up a dude with no shirt and no shoes and tatted the fuck up like that. Haha. There's more stories but that's my favorite.

10 responses to “Interview: Edwin De La Rosa”

  1. Vasyaman says:

    Ed is my hero <3

  2. eh says:

    dope interview

  3. Florian Lancelle says:

    So great man ! It reminds me of when I first start riding and makes me want to go street riding RIGHT NOW even if it’s fucking snowing and cold here in Switzerland.
    @Defgrip : keep up the good work guys !
    @Edwin : just change nothing dude

  4. C. Doyle says:

    Ed’s the man. That photo of him, Mikey, and Vic… Damn.

  5. russian says:

    I have shared a beer with many riders I grew up watching and idolizing and I must say, Ed will always sit at the top of the list of who Id love to meet.

    Its funny, but I always just got the feeling that he was no bullshit, true to himself. Ive realized slowly but surely, a lot of pros today are just a cool face until you actually meet them.

    amazing interview
    like florian said

    edwin: change nothing.

  6. Ed has created a certain aesthetic for all street riders…i seen him in nyc last time i was there…dude is a legend. Respect.

  7. william says:

    this interview was dope!!

  8. Ridebmx613 says:

    I think alot of people dont reliaze what real street riding is…cruisin down the street rollin like 7-10 people deep is a better feeling than doing a flairwhip{not that i can} but that feeling is up there no homo, and if i could i would watch Edwin Delarosa’s Street clips all day if i could. He always has the most rawest footy thats why hes up there with all my favorite riders including tyrone williams,wormz nygel and all them

  9. Brian Tunney says:

    That Bob/Scarface photo is too good. Also, I find it highly ironic that the Red Bull ad going along with this interview says “Get yours at Launchpad.”

  10. I used to love rolling with my Moms all around the city taking the train everywhere, learning the train lines and seeing different parts of the city.

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