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  • Yumyums

    Don’t get me wrong, the riding is sick and I know its more about their crew and scene and less about individual riders. I guess they were going for the old school look and feel.

  • marcas grubbs

    this was nothing but awesome

  • Dixk


  • Juancasibmx

    como debe ser,cierra edwin el video

  • Pat

    scerbo is the best editor in bmx.

  • James White

    mark gralla’s section was the best

  • Kyle sallis

    whats the first song realy like it :(

  • Amado

    I jut found out wat heaven was like for 25:00 Min!!!!!!!!!

  • Hah!

    defgrip always on it! tells you something when thecomeup doesnt have this given a22 is kind of from new york all that

  • ballabuguuchy

    BMX is awsome

  • Drew

    Feel that! Less out of focus sunset-palmtress and indie music shit, more real shit! THIS is what it is.

  • Drifter

    damn. good.

  • Nundeth667


  • mikey90

    need song tittles people?





  • KKK

    Love the niggers fighting n shit. KKK WHITEPOWER MOTHER FUCKER!

  • James B

    PLease make this downloadable.