Drew 2.0

As I write this, Drew Bezanson’s latest edit at Joyride is creeping ever-so-close to half a million plays in a few short days. What’s more impressive is the insanity that Drew cranked out in a meer two-days while sick-as-a-dog at Joyride, is the fact that he spent the last five months off his bike. No broken bones, no bruised heels, no ruptured spleen. It was nothing you could see or touch, but it was a daily battle in the cloud of PCS. Post concussion syndrome.

Five months off the grid and solid cognitive therapy later, Drew isn’t the same. “Better” is too one-dimensional to describe it. Energized-yes. Focused-definitely. Appreciative- absolutely. Clarity. Getting to see him ride in person the last couple days was amazing, and it’s pretty evident that he’s not looking back. Hide ya kids.

Justin Kosman

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