Julien Pacaud

Check out some cool illustrations by Julien Pacaud.

6 responses to “Julien Pacaud”

  1. stoned kyle says:

    this is why this is the only site i check everyday. You cover all my favorite things.

  2. stoned kyle says:

    its just collage right? but why is he called an illustrator?

  3. Darnel says:

    just be stoned and dont open your mouth unless there is a bong or joint in front of it

  4. really stoned kyle says:

    its the 21st nikka, i use vaporizors. Plus you didnt answer my question trey jones

  5. Photo Montage is a technique of illustration and so is collage. It’s just another way of visually communicating an idea. It still takes a large amount of technical skill as well as an eye for composition, colour harmony etc etc.

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