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A friend and I came across the design work of French artist Florian Chevillard, a.k.a. BuroLoco, and we loved it (I was especially into the awesome window displays he created for Hermes). Later on we were lucky enough to have him design the latest Lavar tees. Click below to read a quick interview with Florian and check out some samples of his work.

1. There’s a pretty wide range of work on your site, from simple clean graphics to some pretty complex and beautiful in-store merchandising displays. What type of art did you start with?

I started by studying graphic design at the Ecole Supérieur D’art Appliqué de Bourgogne in Nevers, a very small town in the center of France. When I was a student, I did a lot of graphic illustration and experimentation with shape, color, most of the time visuals were very organic and plastic etc… Then I had several occasions to do art installation, so I took them! The first time was just after the school when we (with a friend of mine) did an exhibition without money in a small art gallery. We decided to build a car with cardboard that we have found in the street! That was really a good time!

Doing art installation is a kind of funny hobby but it is not my bread-and-butter. In general I like challenges, and I like to defy them. Sometimes projects are totally new for me and that’s quite exciting. I always try to discover new fields of art and discover how graphic design can be use in different ways, different materials or through different media.

2. What is currently your favorite type of project to work on?

Quite difficult to chose! I like everything, maybe it is a kind of way of practice. When I am fed up to do something, I am happy to change to an other project more funny like art installation or illustration. So to answer your question, at this moment I am working to a new project with a friend who is a product-designer. We try to initiate a dialogue between graphic and product designers, between image and object, 2D and 3D. I like the idea that a problem can find it’s solution through different medium and practice. I am interested in the parallel that can be driven between these different answers, I mean trans-disciplinarity.

3. Where are you from originally? I know you are in France but the BuroLoco name hints at Spain maybe?

I came from a small french village near Chalon sur Saone in Burgundy! Not really exciting city! But maybe you know this region because of it’s famous wine production.

The story of the name BuroLoco has started when I decided to launch my own activity. At this time, I lived in my hometown, so I had this funny idea to work with local people/client, people who are in the same area than me maybe in order to boycott against Paris where everything happens in France. I was a little bit innocent and I truly believed that it could work out. Unfortunately I didn’t find any job and I had to move in Paris! But I kept the name! An other explanation could be: I found out that “loco” as the spanish translation of “crazy” was driving a good contrast with the quite official name “Buro”.

4. For the Lavar graphics, what was your inspiration? Most people stare for a minute before they decide they like them, which is cool.

For these tee-shirt, I was inspired by the fragile limit of balance, sometimes it has been broken, sometimes it is hanging by a thread, sometimes up in the air. It was the general idea of these tee-shirt, but sometimes it is more visible, sometimes more abstract. I tried to use a more poetic, symbolic, way to speak about extreme sport.

5. Have you ever ridden BMX?

Never! I used to play basketball when I was younger (despite I am a small french guy!). But I am biking everyday in Paris since I lived one year in Amsterdam where I met Juse. I am following the trend for fixie bike. Recently, I went to a Redbull event called “minidrome”, a small velodrome for fixie battle race, quite fun!

6. What type of space do you work in?

I am working in a white luminous and quiet space! I have only a desk with my computer and a mini-black acrobatic cat at home!

7. What/who are your influences in life and art?

I haven’t specific influences in life and art . Everything in life can be a source of inspiration for me. I think you need to be curious about everything (sport, food, science, art) to be a designer. I have some preferences for art movements which include a total vision of art like “de stijl”. I like total art where a common creative research is engaged, where designer, graphic designer, artist, musician work in the same direction to be complementary, it is quite political, it is made in order to live in a better society!

8. What is your drink of choice?

Maybe a glass of the red wine named Alex Corton.

9. What is your dream car?

I am more into bikes than into cars… but maybe an old one, a car like in the road-movie “Vanishing point” of Sarafian!

10. What is your dream house/live/work/studio situation?

I have recently discovered the work of Ken Isaacs. I like his living structure. To live like a Robinson is my childhood dream! I would like to keep the imaginative and dreamy childhood spirit.

Maybe, I would travel a little bit again, to work in US can be a dream for me. I am always dreaming of a concept of a working space, shared with architect, designer, artists, to have a real creative synergy. I also imagine a shop/bookshop and an art gallery in this space where we can organize happening and lecture!

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  1. doug says:

    this type of content is what keeps me coming back to defgrip. interesting article and it looks like you’re doing good things with lavar, mike.

  2. Samarai says:

    I’m psyched to see Lavar coming back, one of my favorite clothing brands. I have 3 old Lavar shirts but I’m not feeling these too much. The watercolor one is alright I guess. Lavar literally means to clean, so I hope to see more of the classic clean look like the clouds tee and the lines tee and the TV tee. By the way, when’s the last time you did a fagadoo, Snakealean?

  3. Bea says:

    A monetary advisor is your planning companion.