Animal just released a new backpack out called the Kenmar to go along with their ever expanding clothing line. The bag is made in the USA and Animal put together some words and photos to tell the story behind why they chose to make it in the USA as apposed to going the usual rough and getting it made over-seas.

A good back pack is in comparison to the Honda Accord that has lasted 300,000 miles and counting. It needs to assist you flawlessly on any road trip; get you from point A-to-B while looking good, and most importantly stand the test of time with strength, performance and appearance. It’s all in the details, and that’s something we take pride in at Animal. From clothing to parts every detail is taken into consideration. The only difference in this situation is, our back pack is manufactured in the states while Honda is manufactured overseas.

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photos by Edwin De La Rosa. Words by Brandon Galosi