Welcome Back Edit

After being broken and collecting dust for the last 3 years, I finally got my VX fixed and decided to make a ‘Welcome Back Edit’ with my friends. Featuring Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, Billy Macpherson, Mike Jonas, Devon Smillie and Big Kenny Enarson. Enjoy my friends!

-Christian Rigal

filmed by
edited by
  • BillyP


  • Jon


  • Myles Mitera

    chad, whats that jacket marjila?

  • shitonyourchest


  • Szpatrik22

    Amazing !!! :O Whats the song??

  • nolan

    Completely Dialed. New favorite

  • Carson

    that canadian foot jam on the extension was dope!

  • Carson

    that canadian foot jam on the extension was dope!

  • ChristianRigal

    The song is Jay z & Kayne- Niggas in paris

  • Salted

    denis enarson kills it

  • Deanthonymarcas


  • Alex Bermudez

    That was CRAY CRAY.

  • Billgates

    man the vx is so much clearer looking than a hd camera like the colors are so full on .
    ohh hang im im so fucking stoned right now . it could be the weed making it look like that . 420 nig

  • Chuck justice

    Its call Niggas in Paris on the album Watch the Throne with Jay Z and Kanyae West.

  • Arnoldvigoa

    thats no fair look at who your friends are hahaha jk that shit cray like on like the colors on the vx and the slow mos illen it.

  • scoot

    anyone see what bmac wrote on the car? looked like something along the lines of “sorry – adam 22”

  • Gelle

    psyched on vx only video!

  • Ellis

    last clip… WTF?! that shit cray.

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