Multitasker: Christian Rigal

Christian Rigal puts in work behind the camera and in front, and doesn’t slack on either. Check out the recent “Welcome Back Edit” he put together for us, and be sure to peep his DIG interview. Also, watch his recent United edit for sure!

Here’s Christian discussing a few video/riding related topics.

Filming & Editing:
Is what I can be found doing when I’m not riding. Everyday of my life I can be found filming and/or editing some kind of video or project, I love it. It’s nice to always have something to do that I enjoy, I’ll never get bored.

Carrying Equipment while out and about:
Sucks… I’m not gonna be able to move when I get older. I get tired enough from a full day of riding and filming, let alone have a 50 pound bag on my back all day and a skateboard on my bars. I’ve been saying I’m going to design a rad all terrain trailer for trips but I have yet to try. One of these days…

Wanting to ride, but having to film:
It happens, but it just makes me more eager and stoked to ride once I get too. To avoid this, I’ll usually try and film whatever I want to do before everyone else, but that doesn’t always work out. It’s cool though because a lot of times when I’m filming someone I come up a bunch of ideas for my self or other people, it’s the benefit of staring at the spot for so long I guess haha.

Riding vs. Filming:
Feels the same for me. Everyday I go out riding I’m trying to have fun, progress my self, and try new things. The same thing applies to filming. I’m able to get the same feeling and satisfaction from landing a trick I’ve been trying for hours as when I get a clip I’ve been filming for hours, it’s awesome. People always say sorry when they take a long time, or keep messing up but I really don’t care, that whole time their trying to land something I’m trying to film the clip as best I can. I’ll mess up too, get it real good when they don’t, miss them going once, whatever. It’s a battle for both of us regardless which side of the lens I’m on and I equally enjoy them both.

Keeping an eye on the camera gear when riding:
Not fun haha. I hate being that guy who rolls up to the spot without his gear and waits until somethings going down to go grab my stuff, but sometimes that’s what I’ve gotta do. A lot of the best spots or parks are in the ghetto and it’s not worth it to me to get jacked because I wasn’t watching my bag well.

Preferred method for filming while rolling:
Skateboard all day. I can’t stand how glide cam footage looks or sounds (footsteps in the background) and filming intricate lines on a bike is miserable. Skating is what I like to do when I’m not riding or filming so for me, filming on a board is the most fun thing I can do. It combines two of my favorite things together and in turn, makes a clip that would have been very hard to film long look amazing (when done correctly and not over done).

Video Camera vs. Camera Camera that records:
Haha, you said it pretty well right there. Each camera is made with it’s own purpose, but for me, a video camera will always be my camera of choice. I do use a DSLR for my second angle shots but that’s it. You’ll never see me filming fish with a DLSR though, that just looks goofy.

Interactive filming:
I try and avoid that at all cost, but it happens. My first VX was broken when I got too close and my current Xtreme fish eye has a big ol scratch in it from a trick gone wrong. You can’t let it get to you, fish clips look best when there tightly framed so it’s the risk you have to take for your footage to look good.

People who film you when you ride:
All of my friends, haha. I’ve only filmed a couple of clips with a legit filmer before, so all of the footage you see from me is a product of me picking an angle and my friends doing their best to capture it.

Sessions with no cameras:
Are always the best ones! It’s hard to leave the bag at home with the crew I roll around with, but I manage it sometimes. I definitely don’t do it enough, but anytime I get to go out and ride without my gear, I always have a lot of fun and tend to learn a couple of new things which is nice.

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