KILLJOY Trailer & Q&A

Damn, this is sick. The Utah crew (and the creators of THAT’S IT) are about to drop a new one called KILLJOY, which will feature:

Cameron Wood
Dave Thompson
Rob Wise
Tate Roskelley
Matt Beringer
Mike Aitken

Check the trailer above and click below for a Q&A about it with Jordan Utley.

So, you guys are about to drop KILLJOY, which seems to have come out of nowhere (at least to me). How long have you guys been working on this video??
Basically since the finish of That’s It! Soooo… several years now. Elf has been working on it a little more. I was basically checked out for about a year and a half.

Who can we expect to see in it?
You can expect full parts from Cam Wood, Rob Wise, Dave Thompson, Matt Beringer, Elf, Tate Roskelley, and Mike Aitken. Mike’s part will mainly focus on the story of his comeback, and where he’s at right now.

Is KILLJOY intended to be a follow-up to “That’s it”, or is it a completely different thing?
It’s not another 5050 video, it’s Elf and I’s thing.

What kind of direction did you guys wanna go with this one?
Raw. Fuck You. I love you.

What kind of equipment was used from beginning to end?
Elf and I agreed to film killjoy in only the finest low definition equipment. Elf using his Sony VX held together by stickers, and my Panasonic DVX, camera stabilization devices=our arms. This will not look like a mutiny web video.

How did the title “KILLJOY” come about?
Elf came up with it. People/situation/life in general, I guess was being a KILLJOY. Thus I guess the name presented itself.

Do you have a favorite experience/moment from working on this project?
The whole thing has been an insane amount of ups and downs. filming with Mike before and after his injury, Matt getting hurt. But probably watching Mike go through the trails for the first time or watching do a rail for the first time.

When will it be available?
ASAP, most likely mid DECEMBER!!! Just in time for xmas!!!

Thanks Jordan, anything you would like to add before we wrap this?
Yeah, wanna send any product for our premiere?:)

15 responses to “KILLJOY Trailer & Q&A”

  1. Jakob says:

    Damn, that is sick.

  2. C. Doyle says:

    Stoked for this! I loved “That’s It” and I can’t wait to see more from this crew. Fingers crossed for a Mike Szczesny cameo.

  3. Mikey luplow says:

    This looks awesome!

  4. Thealfredocalderon says:

    dude whats up with all this pyramid shit. everything has been changing its logo to some kind of pyramid shape thing. its freeaking me out, it reminds me of the illuminati. fuuck bmx is involved with it too!??

  5. H00d says:

    Reminds me of Albert St.

  6. makrela says:

    it is some kind of hipster shit. apart from that triangles are awesome.

  7. jordan utley is fucking goth. says:

    im a goth. fact. i cant help but put triangles, upside down crosses, and infinity symbols on everything.

    makrela you didnt seem to mind them with the vimeo comments and personal messages you left. you two timin’ son of a bitch.

  8. FNTMBMX says:

    fucking radical!

  9. Easy says:

    dont hate on the mutiny edits they fucking rock!

  10. Jordan Utley says:

    whoa whoa whoa, who said anything about hating mutiny web edits. try not read in between the lines when theres nothing to read.

  11. handyrandy says:

    PREACH. lowfi can live happily alongside hidef.

  12. austinweird says:

    whats the name of the song in this edit?

  13. Jordan Utley says:

    white rune by iceage.

  14. Retha says:

    All kinds of investments include sure dangers.