Brian Kachinsky: Recovery

A few years ago when Brian was midway through filming for his Props interview, he suffered an ACL tear in his knee which sidelined him for a little bit. Being the trooper he is, BK was determined to finish the project and took the necessary steps to keep riding despite this injury. Keeping his leg muscles strong and his Cti knee brace allowed him to keep kicking ass over the past few years. However, this year his knee started to bother him enough that he met with his doctor to start getting things sorted out. In efforts to get his knee back up to 100% and prevent further damage in the future, he recently had surgery to repair his torn ACL.

Brian will be off his bike for the coming months but David Leep recently caught up with him to see what he’s been doing to cope.

From Kachinsky:
“I have some time off my bike this winter due to a very recent surgery and am already on the road to recovery. I have an awesome doctor, physical therapist, fun projects and great friends who keep me occupied. On top of all this I have plenty of silly things to keep my spirits up.”

Click below to see how BK is keeping busy during his recovery.


I travel way too often to have any pets, but I do have some animals around the house that help out with things. Nibbles, an inanimate squirrel, is a constant source of entertainment and what started out as a joke in thrift store on a Northern Wisconsin roadtrip, ended up being a source of laughter long after the roadtrip was over. Nibbles has since gotten his own twitter account (@nibblesisnuts) and has plenty of good stuff to say. He’s a stand up guy.


To make sure Nibbles isn’t alone, we added Babs (the watering hog) to the house. He keeps my kale and coffee plants hydrated and is just hilarious in general. You think of pigs being animals that just constantly consume but Babs is more of a “giver” than a “taker”. The best part is, he doesn’t even smell bad or make snorting noises. What a perfect scenario.


Twitter is a constant source of laughter and entertainment throughout the day, but when you add up how much time you actually spend on your phone you might as well make it fun right? When I was in a market in China recently I found “the breadphone” This foam iphone case is basically a hotdog bun that nestles perfectly around my phone and saves it from damage when I drop it (which is usually a daily occurance). Who needs phone insurance when you have the breadphone? I swear it increases my signal strength as well. Is it a coincidence that I also own The Bakery? I guess carbs aren’t so bad after all.


In efforts to keep up with the latest lingo you sometimes need to take the extra step in upping your urban vocabulary. Slang flashcards have done wonders in expanding my memorization of these terms that Webster’s hasn’t even caught up with yet. It’s always good to stay ahead of the game.


So far so good with recovery. My sponsors DK, Etnies and Arnette have been extremely helpful and supportive. It’s going to be a mental and physical battle for the months to come but I’ve been down this road before and have come back stronger than ever with previous injuries like this. I am working hard to have fun and already can’t wait to be back on the horse. In the meantime there’s never a dull moment around here and I have a lot planned for my time off my bike and I think you all will enjoy the outcome. Keep in touch via twitter/Facebook and tell me some funny jokes! I’ll try to do the same. Keep smiling!

-Brian Kachinsky

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    good luck

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  3. Maggie Queisser says:

    Happy to see you are staying busy and funny – as well as punny.

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    why is this guy even a pro?

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    have you even watched bmx videos for the past 15 years?

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    Awesome. I love Their Flashcards rule. I have Corporate Flashcards.

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    Traders do pay direct and indirect costs.