Nathan Beddows pic

So I was TM on one of the many Ride to Glory trips I have been lucky enough to go on; I picked up the van from, of course, a seedy little dodgy-as-hell, couldn’t-give-a-shit, van rental place up the road from our house in Brighton. Without naming names, anyone who has been on a trip with us in the last few years know exactly the sketchy little van rental place I’m on about!

So I start the tour, making my way up the country, slowing filling the van as we go, until we have a strong crew and a full van by the time we’re north of London. One of the younger members of the team was complaining the whole time that his seat was uncomfortable. So we did the usual caring tour thing and told him to man-up and deal with it! As the trip continued so did the complaints. Our young crew member was complaining that there was a lump in back of the seat in front of him that was hurting his knees and totally ruining his life. So I said we’d sort it when we got to the park later that day. The scene at the park was crazy when we arrived, so the seat issue went another day unresolved. Until our young crew member took matters into his own hands and reached under the seat in front of him and removed the offending lump himself. To a cry of “What the hell is this shit!??!” I turned round to see, low and behold, a huge bag of white powder. MENTAL right. One of our more “experienced” team members snatched up the bag and said “I’ll tell you exactly what that is!” and proceeded to inhale the contents of the found bag off the dash of the hire van. Our willing lab-rat turned to me wild-eyed and simply said “Yep, that works!”

I hope we cleaned the dashboard of that van well enough as I doubt the police would believe we’d actually found that stuff in the van. Let’s just say some crew members didn’t get much sleep on that trip.

– Jon Taylor

photos by Nathan Beddows