The External World by David OReilly

The other day LA musician Flying Lotus tweeted – “@flyinglotus Flying Lotus, please collaborate with David O’Reilly already /or something/.>>>> Been writing my movie with him, its happening.”

Although better known for his music, Flylo actually went to school for movie production before gaining fame as a music producer, and I got curious about who OReilly was. A quick google led to David OReilly’s The External World, a seventeen-minute (nsfw) absolute mind mess of an animation firmly grounded in the internet/globalized/videogame generation.

The animation premiered in Europe at the Venice film festival and in America at Sundance 2011, and in eight months it has received half a million views on Vimeo. I’m stoked that something so weird and left field is getting so many eyeballs. If you want to see more from the Irish, LA-based OReilly, check out his work on Vimeo or follow his entertaining tweets.

5 responses to “The External World by David OReilly”

  1. Tom Perry says:

    So good! Thanks for the heads up this guy is awesome.

  2. Tom Perry says:

    Be sure to check out “Please Say Something” 🙂

  3. brent says:

    Love his stuff. Saw him at the Ottawa Animation fest a few years ago. He did the animation work for Son of Rambow as well.

  4. David Seetoh Lang says:

    @Tom Saw Please Say Something. Amazing film. Proceeded to watch literally everything on his Vimeo page… And everything is good hahaha.

    @brent His Son of Rambo work is on Vimeo! So glad it’s here after reading your comment!

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