Proper City Series – London

South London is littered with ‘council estates’ (or social housing). We spent a month exploring these estates with Shaun Jinks, Rory Duncan, Janis Cunculis, Jamie Guile, Dan Figg, Max Wood (aka Peter Prang), Radek Dźwigała, Ben Marvin, and Shaun Jinks. Tonash Goodyear filmed and edited the results. Also thanks to Mateusz Kanownik and Chris Gordon.

Somewhere in the mix London was blighted with riots. If the move to demolish these estates wasn’t a rush before the riots it certainly will be now.

6 responses to “Proper City Series – London”

  1. That was very well done. The music was a perfect balance to the weary shots and the riding. Something very human about this edit. Nice job.

  2. Alexander Kio says:

    I loved the B&W and the intro was soothing.

  3. David Seetoh Lang says:

    love this. crazy riding, great filming, and black and white looks brilliant

  4. Winter Hats says:

    Somewhere in the mix London was blighted with riots

  5. In fact your creative writing ability has inspired me.

  6. says:

    Investors do pay direct and oblique prices.