Fit UK in Sweden

Some good work here as always.

At the end of August 2011 the Fit UK crew consisting of Ben Lewis, Bengo, Dan Benson, Farren Downes, Owain Clegg & Marv embarked on a 7 day trip to Stockholm Sweden.

This continues the Scandinavian Fit trip theme, after last years visit to Helsinki, aside from the strict rules on beer there is not much you can’t love about this part of the world.

For photos and a further write up from this trip check out the Substance Vol.4 catalogue

5 responses to “Fit UK in Sweden”

  1. Pundit says:

    It gets too cold in the winter and in the summer there are too many mosquitos.

  2. Alexander Kio says:

    ben lewis is freaking ridiculous. halfcab to smith to nose bonk was tech.

  3. MARV SUKCS says:

    MARV = OVER RATED! plus he puts bike lock on rails around london so other cant ride them, proper twat

  4. Beanie Hats says:

    This continues the Scandinavian Fit trip theme

  5. Von says:

    Monetary advisors business is folks business.