The HUNT “Best Trick” Bonus Edit

After launching The Hunt back in the spring, Pro-Tec came to us an wanted to kick down an extra grand for the rider who really took riding to the next level. We came up with The Pro-Tec Progression Impression Best Trick Bonus for $1000.

While the judges are making their final decisions on the top-ten riders who will be featured in the final DVD, we used their input to cut this best-trick reel and we want you to give us your best picks. This footage is made of up stand-out tricks nominated by the judges and the filmers, and Will Stroud will be looking at your tweets when he makes the final call on who get the cheddar. This is going to be a tough one.

Tweet at @defgripcrew and/orĀ @thehuntbmx with your picks.

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    dillon lloyd

  2. Traders do pay direct and oblique costs.