The HUNT “Best Line” Bonus Edit

We were able to add two bonus awards to The Hunt this year and this Best Line compilation is worth a watch. The evolution of street has been pointing towards lines, lines lines for a couple years now, but linking tricks in parks in mini ramps has been around forever. Featuring Dylan Stark, Chad Kerley, Kyle Baldock, Dillon Lloyd, Russell Wadlin, Anthony Pearson, Chris Gille, Chris Russell, Marcus Tooker, Paul Horan, Zack Gerber, Tony Neyer, and Grant Castelluzzo. Who has the best line? Next week they will have and extra $1000 burning a hole in their pocket. Presented by Monster Energy Drink.

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8 responses to “The HUNT “Best Line” Bonus Edit”

  1. Drew Kukura says:

    My understanding is that a line is when you do seperate tricks, unlinked, in a row and a “combo” is when tricks are linked together with a manual, fakie ect.

  2. Streetline says:


  3. kevin says:

    pedaling with two tires on the ground is pretty tricky… the two tire rolling combo,

  4. Chris says:

    Best get your entries in then Drew and Streetline! Think those definitions of the two variations will give you the edge

  5. mick says:

    mate it seems youve got ur deffinition from plaing dave mirra…..geek

  6. Darknes_of_hell_99 says:

    combos ha!

  7. Darknes_of_hell_99 says:

    combos ha!

  8. says:

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