Mike Jonas / Defgrip Edit

It was about a year ago when I first heard about Jonas – people telling me about some Long Island-to-Berkeley transplant, doing all kinds of crazy moves that nobody else would imagine doing. I think it was Kurt Russell or John Ivers that introduced me to him out at the Martinez skatepark, and, on seeing Jonas ride, I was convinced that the rumors about his riding were true.

After taking a trip to the Glory Hole fullpipe with him last summer, I felt that an edit of Jonas – showcasing his unique style and trick set – would be a lot of fun to work on, and even more enjoyable to take in and watch. This turned out to be the truth – we’re stoked on it, and we hope that you, the viewer, will be as stoked as we are. Be sure to check out Jonas’ bio in Dig 84!

– Chris McMahon

Filming & Editing: Chris McMahon
Additional Filming: Wes Rhoe
Music: Monophonics – $2.50

filmed by
edited by

4 responses to “Mike Jonas / Defgrip Edit”

  1. dirtron says:

    damn. that dudes gnarRAD

  2. fvd says:

    i thought it was going to be one of these guys:

    i’m real glad it wasn’t.
    brakeless abubaca?!
    i have no reason to run brakes anymore.

  3. Investors do pay direct and indirect prices.

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