Just Missed Us

Ever since May 2009 we’ve been big fans of the “Them Thangs” photo blog by Justin Blyth. Justin actually did an interesting interview with us as part of our “Best of 2009” article, which we never got around to posting for various reasons, but we stayed up on his progression which is moving at a rapid pace. Them Thangs has taken a dive off the deep end into vintage biker culture (49% son of a bitch, 51% motherfucker), but perhaps even more remarkable is his other blog “Just Missed Us”, comprised of his own photos.

According to these photos, Justin lives a life of travel, adventure and pure spontaneity. Check it out here, and click below to see a selection of my favorites.

3 responses to “Just Missed Us”

  1. Second to last is so interesting

  2. Sambristow19 says:

    Always been a fan of his since your post in 2009, really interesting guy.

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