Holeshot Issue 9 Pre-Order

The FINAL Holeshot is now available for pre-order HERE.

Nick put together a cool box kit which includes:
BMX Bikes Wanted – Nick Ferreira
Lively Visions – Blazeguard
Fall River – Vinny Martin
Untitled – Jake Honesto
Uncle Buck – Matt Gaspar
10 Photographs – Kyle Emery-Peck
Hyde Pride – Andrew Burton
Suburban Shred II or Holyshit DVD-R
Over The Bars sticker
Club Portuguese Homeboy sticker
Vintage Odyssey cap (be creative)

Watch the video above, then go HERE to pick one up.

5 responses to “Holeshot Issue 9 Pre-Order”

  1. doug says:

    when do they ship?

  2. Nick Ferreira says:

    This week! This is actually an “order” page now and not “pre-order! They ship Media Mail to US BTW

  3. doug says:

    rad im definitely picking up one of these fine packages. kinda bummed i just found out about holeshot today when the last issue is shipping, but im stoked on what i see with amigos publishing!

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