First Look: Albion 4 Cover

Here’s your first look at the cover to Albion 4.

The cover features an illustration by Chris Wright , and the content of the issue can be found in the illustration. Any guesses?

All of the Albion covers have been pretty interesting, and this shows they are willing to have fun with it too.

12 responses to “First Look: Albion 4 Cover”

  1. Bristol says:

    shame chris doesnt ride BMX

  2. Egghead says:

    What does that have to do with the price of eggs?

  3. Drew Kukura says:

    Best BMX magazine cover ever. It’s like I’m a kid again looking through a Wheres Waldo or Eye Spy book.

  4. Hwilms says:

    Half the guys in charge don’t ride, don’t stress it!

  5. Barry says:

    looks like crazy al on the rail LOL

  6. vxallday says:

    all the guys ride you prick

  7. Bobtodd says:

    bestwick interview….yeah

  8. grant says:

    Nice cover though BMX (print) magazines are getting less and less relevant. I don’t think they’re important, interesting or influential to any appreciable degree anymore. If it weren’t for backward-looking enthusiasts they’d be dead

  9. Canada says:

    Have you grabbed a copy of The Albion? It definitely has its place in BMX. It’s the thin, glossy, expensive (compared to free), pick-up-for-ten-minutes-on-the-shitter mags that are less and less relevant.

  10. Bob says:

    name them…?

  11. says:

    Now it’s time to pick your particular investments.