Empire “Bad Idea” Interbike Bromo

Here’s the final promo for Empire BMX’s next video, entitled “Bad Idea”. Due November (of this year).


25 responses to “Empire “Bad Idea” Interbike Bromo”

  1. Bonzlizard12 says:

    god damn!

  2. Ostinhunter says:

    Damn, cant wait for the real video cause this was good

  3. Alankev11 says:

    Representing ATX! Yeah Empire right down the road.

  4. dayday says:

    Yeah Smiths!

  5. Vubuv says:

    That was rad!

  6. Alex Bermudez says:

    Everything about this is amazing.

  7. Tom Perry says:

    That was perfect.

  8. whoaaaa says:

    hollly fuck this vid looks nutsss!!

  9. Nuttermcwilliams says:

    Nice Job through and through. Nasty music, editing, cast and last but not least company EMPIRE. Gonna have that bitch on lay away tomorrow.

  10. ]/[ says:

    can’t wait

  11. T J _nelson says:

    that last stack was brutal

  12. lbc says:

    Makes me feel warm inside when companies debut their content on a legit site like this and block that other site, you know the one run by king leech. It’s cute how he posts up a screenshot of the vimeo player to pretend he has the content when it’s only on defgrip. Watch out posting comments over there cause he likes to censor ones that are unfavorable to his scam.

  13. holy feck says:

    a ross staircase back massage. Fuck yes bring this dvd

  14. Niels D says:

    Perfect trailer, perfect name. This better fucking come out November!

  15. chandlercox.tumblr.com says:

    i cant stop watching this. gunna be a great video.

  16. Baajes says:

    they should call it bad habits … bike trowing … tsssskkk

  17. JL says:

    Yo pense que chase y tom nunca se caian!

  18. i love the wait that inevitably comes before these videos. the anticipation for chill bro was sweet, and this is killin me too.

  19. Sneezer says:

    holy fuck empire is so G Austin hats do it big

  20. It hurt just watching!!

  21. kevin says:

    I’m still cringing

  22. KillaaD>>TX says:

    ur cool

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