The Fiend East Coast trip was the first time we’ve had a chance to get our whole crew together for a filming trip filming for the promo. Our crew consisted of our photographer Kevin Conners, our filmer Tony Ennis, our riders Ty Morrow, JJ Palmere, Colin Varanyak and our newest rider Kevin Vannauker. Kevin never met any of the other riders besides having ridden X-Games park in Philly with JJ, and some brief conversation on the phone with me. He seemed real shy at first, but by the time we were on our way, it was pretty obvious why JJ picked him as his choice for an AM dude, he was just like the rest of the crew.

For the trip, I pretty much just got a van and let the crew decide where we were going. We decided to head towards Boston, considering there’s that amazing city and there’s 4 other cities that have good stuff all within a couple hours of driving. It seemed to make sense because the East Coast weather isn’t always perfect, we figured if it was raining in one city we would try to head somewhere close and keep riding. It didn’t pan out that way though, we wound up staying in Boston the whole time considering it’s one of the best cities I’ve ever ridden. A lot of our riding on the trip was later in the day or at night due to the East Coast summers being so hot an humid and our crew staying up late. It worked out good though because that’s when the weather was the coolest. I actually felt pretty bad at times because everyone was motivated, but it was so hot the riders were just sweating through everything getting drained.

Summer in the East Coast… what a perfect time for a trip right? Aha wait, not really but it was the only time a lot of the riders had availability to come. Both of our AM’s are college students and don’t get to film with Tony often, so we had to get them with us to see how our crew worked together. I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time, there were non-stop laughs, lots of late nights, good ass spots and dudes making new friends… that’s what riding is about.

Overall it was a good trip. Everyone got good stuff and there was a lot of diverse riding. Riders coming up with different ideas than others at spots and just good vibes despite the hot weather. We will figure it out a little better next time, this is only the beginning. Our first team trip.

– Garrett Reynolds

Fiend promo and site drop this Friday, so check back for that. Click through for the pics.

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photos by Kevin Conners & crew