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Here is Suborsa’s latest print ad. This was featured in Ride U.S., The Albion, Ride U.K. And BMX Plus. The ad shows off our new Gravedigger Tire and Subrosa pro rider Mark Mulville. We hit up this cement box jump in an abandoned Range Rover Dealership. Mark and I got this photo down right before the Florida sky split open and dumped on us. We also almost got struck by lightning. It all worked out in the end. Get some new tires.

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Lucky for me, I can put myself in ads. This was shot at the amazing Texas Toast Jam. We had Eben Krackau and his buddy Jake build this monstrosity of an obsticle, and it came out amazing. Since it was ours, I felt I had to try it out first. I also had to do it first because everyone else made me. I double tired over it a few times, and wanted a memory of it, so I had the Legend of Gutstains shoot it, and it quickly became an ad. Woomp der it is.

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Capturing Subrosa pro rider Lahsaan Kobza riding isn’t hard. Capturing his steez is difficult. He has such a laid back, unique style that sometimes it’s hard to show in a photo. The timing of this 180 Bar was a little early, but his swag is on point. Calm, cool, collective, and about to land this trick no prob. That’s Lahsaan. The best part is that he gets to rep his homie Miles Rogoish, and run his signature Diablous frame. This was shot at an amazing S.D. School at the beginning of summer. The dudes eyes in the background are creepy.

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