walter pieringer pic

Chase Hawk: “I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I have always looked up to Chris, he’s an all-around great guy and fits Empire perfectly. Welcome to the family Chris!”

Kevin Porter: “One of my favorite things about Chris Doyle is that he reminds me of my brother. I’ve wished my brother still rode since day one, and hanging with Chris makes me feel like I’m riding with him. It’s a pretty cool feeling.

In Chris Doyle’s props interview, he did a really big pinched no-hander. I learned that trick because I fell asleep watching him and dreamed about it. Next thing I knew the day after I was doing the trick. I’m pretty sure I was there when Doyle first sent someone the middle finger, haha!

I once met his brother at a contest. His brother is the polar opposite of him. Chris is a very reserved, polite, punctual person. His brother was totally different. He told Chris upon meeting me that he didn’t care who I was! Haha.”

Aaron Ross: I couldn’t think of a better person to get on Empire at this moment. Someone who has stood the test of time with BMX, and took every step the way he wanted to. He’s the definition of a BMX rider all the way around. I couldn’t be happier to have Doyle as a teammate and can’t wait for the first Empire trip we take together. I’m also running low on deodorant and hope he can hook up some Right Guard? Haha!

Walter Pieringer: “It was at a Metro Jam in 2006 I believe where I jokingly remarked to Chris that he does the same tricks at every contest. Now of course I was 100% kidding, but he seemed like he actually took it a little bit personally. At the next Metro Jam, Chris did a huge something-or-other that no one had ever done before, and he later told me he was thinking of what I had said before he did it. “Same tricks at every contest, huh?” Of course Chris was 100% joking as well, but it was still pretty funny that he had remembered my words from the previous event months ago.

These days, I still joke with Chris about which of his three tricks we’re going to shoot over whatever obstacle we happen to be shooting on. Chris jokes back, saying things like “Just another turndown.” But you know what, I’ll happily shoot that shit all day long. Chris’s riding is so timeless, so enjoyable to watch, I have a hard time believing anyone could ever get sick of it.

But perhaps more importantly, as much as I like to tease him, in reality Chris truly does continue to push his riding on a regular basis. Even at 30 he’s still learning new tricks, somehow getting even smoother, and going bigger than he ever has. I guess being that dialed pays off, because it seems clear that even after 15 years as a pro rider, Chris is still very much at the top of his game.

Chris is often referred to as both the nicest guy in BMX and the most professional guy in BMX. I’d have to wholeheartedly agree with both of those characterizations. It’s no wonder that at last year’s NORA Cup party the entire crowd was chanting his name leading up to the announcement of his well-deserved win for dirt jumper of the year. I think if anybody else’s name had been called, no matter how talented of a rider or how cool of a guy that person might have been, that place would have been torn to shreds. BMX loves Chris Doyle that much.

I’ll finish up this rambling little essay by saying that Chris is without a doubt one of my favorite people to shoot with, travel with, and hang out with. He’s one hell of a good dude, and I couldn’t be happier that he’s now a part of the Empire family.”

photos by Walter Pieringer