Interview: Clou Studio

What is the sense of responsibility a designer feels when working with a client?

Designers have a responsibility to facilitate the ideas that their client wants to put forth into the world. Our job is to make that voice distinct and all their own. To create something that is only theirs. There is a lot of trust involved that goes back and forth. The clients know their company, we know what we’re doing. Both parties have to let each other do their thing.


What is CLOU’s role in Vancouver and how will it expand?

Clou would love to see design mingle and interact with art means and forms to the point that it becomes a creation worth speaking of and something valuable. To take design and designers away from being just mere execution tools but rather a conduit for distinct messages with an artistic approach. Vancouver needs more of this kind of thinking. Clou will keep being Clou, and continue to produce the kind of work we love. A few other studios in the city are doing the same. A wave of smarter designers are changing the city. Very individualistic, but shrewd business owners. This same mentality has opened doors for Clou outside of Vancouver, reaching into Japan and the United States. Vancouver is a home base, but It’s only a starting point.

To see more work from Travis and Ryan, check out their site –

5 responses to “Interview: Clou Studio”

  1. doug says:

    once again, defgrip is one step ahead of the game with content like this. Would’ve wished to seen some of their work though!

  2. David says:

    View the full portfolio at
    just click the splash page

  3. Hmmm yaaa really exciting stuff AS ALWAYS defgrip, I for one have ALWAYS been interested in typeface so this was especially interesting. Isn’t it interesting how simple things like font, spacing…blah blah….really like the contradiction of a wintry woolly hat and the summer essence of a t-shirt….blah blah etc etc

  4. chris smith says:

    hard as fuck

  5. says:

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