Interview: Clou Studio

What drew you to design initially?

Both of us were designers and artists before either of us understood what that meant. One day you just find yourself playing with typography, color and sketches because you naturally gravitate towards those things. Having an interest in finding ways to communicate an idea using almost anything. I think a lot of the appeal was getting to do creative work that people interact with and incorporate into their lives. It didn’t matter if it was product labels, clothes or an art installation. It’s always rewarding and exciting to see how your work can live and exist with people day to day. The more of it you see, the more you want to contribute and produce. All done in an intelligent and innovative way of course.


Why did you leave your jobs at respectable firms to work on your own; in essence, how did CLOU come to be?

Clou was a response to a lot of the things that displeased us about the creative industry right now. Call us a couple of idealists I guess. Our previous experiences at other firms were massively beneficial and we cherish those relationships and experiences to this day. But we felt that there were a few things missing from the picture. At times the work felt too corporate and watered down. We felt that design encompassed more than just making things pretty. There’s a simple power in it that can make people think and behave in certain ways. The desire to produce work the way we see it and to solve problems the way we want to solve them eventually lead to creating a playground for experiments and exploration – that was later named Clou. We love to take the more hands on craft and art focused approach to design. We’d rather spend 20 hours building and creating with our hands than staring at a computer. Design always serves as a touch point for people and ideas. That is why we love integrating a human quality in our work.

5 responses to “Interview: Clou Studio”

  1. doug says:

    once again, defgrip is one step ahead of the game with content like this. Would’ve wished to seen some of their work though!

  2. David says:

    View the full portfolio at
    just click the splash page

  3. Hmmm yaaa really exciting stuff AS ALWAYS defgrip, I for one have ALWAYS been interested in typeface so this was especially interesting. Isn’t it interesting how simple things like font, spacing…blah blah….really like the contradiction of a wintry woolly hat and the summer essence of a t-shirt….blah blah etc etc

  4. chris smith says:

    hard as fuck

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