Interview: Clou Studio

There was an event poster that said VERONICA’S NAPKIN on it. It stated all relevant information in thinly lined text stacked neatly below. I was astounded by the risk of the simplicity of design taken on this piece and wanted to know more. The host of this event, by chance, sat next to me. Upon inquiry, I heard the name CLOU for the first time. The two people attached to this small design house were names I would come to know very well. Ryan Romero – Travis Collier. These two were nothing short of impressive at the first sitting. Both steeped in the knowledge of design, with unquestionable discipline and inspiration, and who lived full lives that played out contrarily to the practice of design. One could ask for nothing more. Upon hiring them to brand our new gallery, Black & Yellow, as well as to take the established look of The Cheaper Show to a new height, they simply knocked it out of the park with every determined swing. Fearlessly challenging any preconceptions I had of where these projects would end up, they always found a way to communicate all objectives in the most clear and creative fashion. In the outward homogeneity that occurs within the design world, CLOU is set on finding ambitious new flavours and new voices to convey their message. These gents are hustlers. We spoke a similar language. Walked in as strangers and walked out as close friends. The work that we produced in a few short months could not have have had a stronger reception. I look forward to our next few beers together and to see just what it is that they invent next.

– Graeme Berglund

5 responses to “Interview: Clou Studio”

  1. doug says:

    once again, defgrip is one step ahead of the game with content like this. Would’ve wished to seen some of their work though!

  2. David says:

    View the full portfolio at
    just click the splash page

  3. Hmmm yaaa really exciting stuff AS ALWAYS defgrip, I for one have ALWAYS been interested in typeface so this was especially interesting. Isn’t it interesting how simple things like font, spacing…blah blah….really like the contradiction of a wintry woolly hat and the summer essence of a t-shirt….blah blah etc etc

  4. chris smith says:

    hard as fuck

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