“What happens when you take 11 dudes, put them in a short bus and ship them to Texas? You unmistakeably have an awesome FBM road trip! During the first part of March, the FBM crew of fun-having-bandits, ventured onto Prop’s Mega Tour 10 to shake things up and let the good times do some rolling! We were privileged enough to setup home base in Stew Johnson’s backyard in Austin (thanks again Stew!) and do some freestylin’ around that area of Texas. We had ziplines, airsoft guns, mousetraps, Chief, bottled Coke’s, the pizza/ice cream/taco power trio and some heavy metal jams to keep us stoked along the journey. I managed to snap some disposables of the adventures while off the bike and almost 5 months later, I finally got them developed. Huge thanks to Marco and Props, Steve, Stew, Clint and Matty, Terrell, Keith, Darryl, San Antonio Nick, Corrigan, Joe Rich, the BSD dudes and of course Chief!”

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photos by Joel Barnett