Dave Parrick Gear Check

Here’s a quick gear check with up and coming filmer/editor Dave Parrick. Chances are pretty good that some of this stuff was used during the filming of the new Empire video, which should be out around Thanksgiving.

Thanks to Tom for setting this up.

My setup is pretty damn basic.

Camera bag of tricks:

2 Panasonic HVX200
2 16GB P2 memory cards
Century Optics 0.55X pro series HD fisheye (not the death lens)
lots of panasonic batteries

Canon 7D DSLR
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens
Canon EF 85 f/1.8 lens
Canon 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ultrasonic lens (came with the camera), not crazy about it
extra Canon LP-E6 batteries


Manfrotto 3021 tripod with 501 head. It’s been through hell
Glidecam 4000 Pro camera stabilizing system. Used with both the HVX200 and 7D
Ghetto Homemade track dolly from off of Ebay with several 8′ pieces of 1″ PVC track from Home Depot
Coleman Powermate 1850 generator and whole lotta cheap 500-750 watt work lights from Home Depot

Editing setup:

Apple Macbook Pro 13″ 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 5GB RAM
Dell 2007 WFP Ultrasharp 20″ display
Several external hard drives, about 8.5 TB worth (I prefer Western Digital or Seagate)

21 responses to “Dave Parrick Gear Check”

  1. Daveparrick says:

    Thats a lot of gear for someone who can’t get the Empire video out in 4 years. Maybe he is still learning how to use it.

  2. TheBoss says:

    You’re obviously an idiot kid who’s opion means shit. Let me guess, you’re favorite filmer is Chad Shack? Eat a bag of dicks, dildo.

  3. Niels D says:

    Well, to be fair this “idiot kid” makes a point, Parrick is good at what he does, but I’ve heard about so most frustration with trying to get any project done with him from people that have worked with him. And seriously, I have an empire trailer on my laptop from 08 or 09, and the dvd still isn’t out…

  4. WH says:

    This interview says “up and coming filmer/editor”, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is the same dave parrick that made Nowhere Fast………one of the greatest bmx videos of all time and a milestone for bmx itself. Pretty far past being an “up and comer” I would say. I’m sure if he’s taking so long to make the empire video, it’ll be well worth it when the finished project is done.

  5. Sean W says:

    Well either way this video better be good.

  6. Tom says:

    and wayyyyyy behind schedule…..

  7. Drew Kukura says:

    The “up and coming” thing was definitely sarcasm. Dave Parrick filmed and edited two of the best BMX videos of all time (Nowhere Fast and Forward) and if the Empire video is half as good as those it’s going to blow minds. Just look at Empire’s team, it’s so stacked the video could be filmed on a flip phone at night and it would still be amazing. Personally, I can’t wait to see how this video turns out.

  8. Accept the fact the DP takes his time on projects, maybe too much time… But a video from him is like a gift from the gods. Nowhere Fast was the video of all videos, that alone puts him at the top, he doesn’t really have to do anything ever again because of that video.

    #End of dick riding rant.

  9. Frank says:

    Kids are way too impatient these days. So what if it takes 3 years to make a video? If it turns out amazing, then what is the issue? Video will be dope regardless of how long it took, plus he’s never made a shit video ever.

  10. Nails in the Coffin says:

    Cry me a river Justin Timberlake. Three years and youre complaining? It’s not like he’s going to put out a video every 6 months like most of the talentless filmers today.

  11. Tony Piff says:

    “up and coming filmer/editor dave parrick” lolzylolz.

  12. Tony Piff says:

    “up and coming filmer/editor dave parrick” lolzylolz.

  13. Tony Piff says:

    “up and coming filmer/editor dave parrick” lolzylolz.

  14. Andydreads says:

    All I have to say about this post and all the comments said is that Dave Parrick has made some awesome stuff in the past and I highly doubt that he will disappoint with the Empire video.

    Yeah yeah it might have been awhile since a new video has come out but in my mind and should be in others, it’s about quality and not quantity.

    For all those who wanna talk shit go pump out your own web edits that took 2 hours to film and ten minutes on your computer. Talk shit when the video comes out an you have an opinion about it, I know i’ll be stoked to see the Empire dudes shred an thats that!

  15. Mikey luplow says:

    this is awesome people are pissed im trying to get dave to go to the strip club tonight and keep u pussies waiting.

  16. Leonisg says:

    eames fiberglass chair for editing?! niiice…

  17. Lolipopo says:

    is that what we call masturbation?

  18. derek fetko says:


  19. LandonP says:

    Will be worth the wait!

  20. Louie says:

    Is it true you were a middle school pedal-Philemon Dave? Question is rhetorical cuz we both know that answer…stud

  21. Curtis says:

    A financial advisor is your planning partner.