Blog Etiquette 101

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It has been brought to our attention that certain BMX news outlets ( no sites will be named ) are guilty of improperly handling Defgrip content. No bueno.

Here goes:

Should you acquire (i.e. – poach) exclusive content/news/material from another site to post on your own, it is proper blogging etiquette to credit the original site. Should you poach said content/news/material and make it seem as if it is your own, that is NOT proper blogging etiquette.

Exhibit A – Our 2 part exclusive Empire/Doyle news that Tom put together for us. Vital BMX posted said Empire/Doyle news on their site with no credit to Defgrip (see actual screengrab from Vital BMX post above). No bueno.

We hereby would like all future poaches to be properly credited to Defgrip, or we will send this guy after you.

Screengrab courtesy of Vital BMX and Apple screengrab shortcut.

24 responses to “Blog Etiquette 101”

  1. Joey Cobbs says:

    I understand that this is not a funny story, but you had me laughing with the tag “brad mcdonald should be ashamed”

  2. Joey Cobbs says:

    I understand that this is not a funny story, but you had me laughing with the tag “brad mcdonald should be ashamed”

  3. Dave Parrick's Ghost says:


  4. kyle says:


  5. YOUR-INN.COM says:

    Feel Free to poach from YOUR-INN.COM anytime!

  6. Well said, I back this 100%

  7. patrickmartinez says:

    yup yup

  8. doig says:

    perhaps you should consider putting up a TERMS OF USE or even possibly using a Creative Commons license to better clarify your expectations on being attributed when your content is used elsewhere… vital should know better regardless.

  9. Haha, I Lol’d, Defgrip wins.

  10. The ghost of Big Ed... says:

    I think it’s pretty funny that no one has mentioned that the photographer, Walter Pieringer, is not credited either.

    You think running a blog is hard, having douche bags steal your content, try shooting BMX photos! That’s that solid shit….only to have an image “go viral” with zero photo credits for your work and no money coming in to pay your massive cell bills because it’s online and not printed. Fuck that.

  11. Luv the MS Paint “No Credit” ha.

  12. 123bobsmith says:

    If you put it on the internet, your fair game…nobody owns the rights to rumors, speculation and news. get over yourselfs.

  13. Scott says:

    On bmxboard you are fair game. Websites should be practicing common courtesy. IE: Source of information, date, photographers name, what they had for breakfast.

  14. mike says:

    theres definitely credit to pieringer moron. read the original post

  15. Jimmy Hopper says:

    Not on Vital there weren’t… I think that was the point he was making..? Everyone knows photographers get fucked over by the BMX industry – precisely why half of them move on or go insane.

  16. Susan B. Anthony says:

    Preach it. Defgrip > Vital always.

  17. Thisdiscussionsucks says:

    var $coolRating = originalBlogger;

    if $coolRating > 5 {
    else {

  18. Pad says:

    I think a clear distinction has to be made between original/featured content and reblogged conten. This is good for any blog that wants to share its creations. Most users won’t go past the frontpage, so every post looks the same and is ready to be reblogged.

    sorry for my english.
    Vive Defgrip !

  19. john smith III says:

    I can remember a time when the insult of poaching tricks or parts ideas was enough to dissuade most from blatant thievery. That was a long fucking time ago. Glad you guys called them on this shit. Maybe accountability and respect for others’ works will come back in fashion some day soon.

  20. says:

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