Dave Parrick Gear Check

Here’s a quick gear check with up and coming filmer/editor Dave Parrick. Chances are pretty good that some of this stuff was used during the filming of the new Empire video, which should be out around Thanksgiving.

Thanks to Tom for setting this up.


Blog Etiquette 101

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It has been brought to our attention that certain BMX news outlets ( no sites will be named ) are guilty of improperly handling Defgrip content. No bueno.

Here goes:

Should you acquire (i.e. – poach) exclusive content/news/material from another site to post on your own, it is proper blogging etiquette to credit the original site. Should you poach said content/news/material and make it seem as if it is your own, that is NOT proper blogging etiquette.

Exhibit A – Our 2 part exclusive Empire/Doyle news that Tom put together for us. Vital BMX posted said Empire/Doyle news on their site with no credit to Defgrip (see actual screengrab from Vital BMX post above). No bueno.

We hereby would like all future poaches to be properly credited to Defgrip, or we will send this guy after you.

Screengrab courtesy of Vital BMX and Apple screengrab shortcut.

Mike Aitken / Incus Brand

Mike reached out to me regarding a new brand he is supporting, called Incus. Check the video above and read what Mike has to say below.

Incus isn’t just another brand….but a blank canvas that lets it’s artists be portrayed in his surroundings & which way he/she chooses…. With that being said we welcome you to our adventure. Incus believes it’s the choice of the artist what he/ she would like to create….have that be Apparel, clothing, or the jewelry that suites his/her taste & personality.

-Mike Aitken / Incus artist

Ben Hucke PHX to PDX

Check out this new Hucke edit from Shadow, filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick… Make sure you make it to the last clip… So good.

“This edit has been a while in the making and we are proud to finally release it. The riding is a culmination of two trips we took, one in Phoenix, Arizona and the other in Portland, Oregon. Ben went hard to get some wild moves done for this and we can definitely say you won’t be disappointed.”

Baker’s Dozen: Christian Rigal

More goodies out of the Bakery.

Interview: Clou Studio

Travis Collier and his friend Ryan Romero have started their own creative studio called Clou and we got together with them to talk about their studio, design, and their home town of Vancouver . Keep reading to check it out!


Miles Rogoish ++ Subrosa ++ Defgrip

Here’s a cool piece on Miles Rogoish where he discusses riding, filming and how he got to where he is now, mixed in with some great clips from before he broke his collarbone.

Thanks to EVERYONE involved for hooking this up.

Interview by: Tony Ennis

Filmed by: Tony Malouf, Jeff Wescott, Tony Ennis, Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palamere, and Lahsaan Kobza.



The 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs

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To say that Apple / Steve Jobs has changed our world and the way we live (for better or worse) would be an understatement. You don’t get to where they are without some out of the box thinking and some erratic behavior.

Check out the 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs.

via – the daily beast

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