New Defgrip T-Shirts

We (finally) have a new batch of Defgrip T-Shirts out. We have two designs, the Circle logo that you see above, and the Arch (like the Defgrip X Quintin hat), both printed on American Apparel Summer T’s.

They’ll be on our online store by the weekend, but if you want to pick some up now, Dans, Goods, and 2×4 already have them in stock and if you are in the UK, Seventies picked some up, so keep an eye out for them in shops out there!

3 responses to “New Defgrip T-Shirts”

  1. DayDay says:

    they look way clean…but, ahem…no xxl I see…

  2. ian says:

    when will these be available in the defgrip store?

  3. Tonya says:

    Thanks in your interest in Funding Recommendation.