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I shot this picture back in February during a a week stay with some good friends in Cali. I’ve always been a huge fan of Alex Vazquez’s riding, you can just tell from his body language and expressions how happy he is to just simply pedal his bike. So when I showed up to Cali and saw him on the floor passed out, I was really excited to get to know him and spend the week riding with him. Needless to say Alex lived up to exactly how I imagined him, a fun loving BMX DORK, who was down for anything that involved having fun.

On this particular day we randomly decided to go try and get some clips done at the ever infamous Rinchon High. I had been there a few previous times with no luck of riding and getting kicked out almost right after getting out of the car. But not this day, somehow we managed to have a really fun day riding the school and numerous things managed to get done on this and the other gems at the school. Alex being the trooper he is, and all while still having fun jumping down this big set up actually did this trick about four times just to make sure he got the turndown as clicked as possible, and once again he did not disapoint and almost every go landed it completely smooth and clicked.

If you ever have a chance to meet or ride with Alex be prepared for a fun ass time, this dude is a one of a kind and a very talented rider.

Shot with: Canon 1ds f8 250th, with a 70-200mm @200, lit with two Q flashes and a Vivitar 285HV

Kevin Conners

5 responses to “Kevin Conners @ Random”

  1. Lamont4130 says:

    Exquisit composition.

  2. Lin says:

    Alex is definitely one of a kind.

  3. dirtron says:

    single handedly bringin the CRANKFLIP back!! the dude

  4. Lahsaan Kobza says:

    So dope ! Alex is one of the best hands down.

  5. says:

    Investors do pay direct and oblique prices.