Gabe Brooks Edit / Q&A

Midway through the Kink House project, Jay mentioned to me that he was going to send a bike to Gabe Brooks. Gabe’s Bank edit had just dropped and we were all pretty psyched on it. We knew Gabe had been through some crazy shit and done a prison bid, so it was cool to see him riding and doing something positive.

Once Gabe got the Kink hook-up, he started coming through the house regularly, and became instant friends with everyone there. I’ve gotten to become good friends with Gabe over the past 6 months, and filming with him is unique, to say the least. His focus on BMX is a constant reminder that riding can be infinitely positive for people, no matter what your background is. The video below was a lot of fun to make, and it’s probably the only time I’ll feel comfortable editing to Tupac. Thanks Gabe!

Darryl Tocco

*hit the main page for a Q&A with Gabe.

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  • i approve the return of the superman

  • Anthemii

    Holy fucking shit. That was ridiculous.

  • First video seen today and now I will go ride.
    Apparently, I also need to start working out.

  • www

    shit was bangin

  • Marko Knezevic

    That was fucking fire

  • David Seetoh Lang



    i agree on that superman, it was the shit! i never seen someone bang it out like that on the streets!!!

  • Jakob

    Killed it. Superman was so good, up flat down rail so gnarly.

  • Thebikelifee

    the superman was buck

  • billy

    just put him on the pro team already!!!!!

  • Spoonsparty

    Gabe makes my proud to call Cali home. Awesome edit. Stay positive, bud!

  • Gary

    Really good edit! Fun to watch. That hop is unreal.

  • Tateroskelley

    yeah gabe!

  • Tateroskelley

    yeah gabe!

  • Tom Perry

    So psyched on this guy since meeting him at Texas Toast! It’s awesome to have inspirational people all over BMX. Plus his riding is nuts!

  • Alex Bermudez

    This dude is so legit, that interview was gnarly but very positive at the same time.

  • CaligalMemoi

    Damn smh he is totally effin sick…and super sexy!

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