Bobby Simmons X Defgrip Edit

Straight up, this came out sick! I was itching to post this Bobby Simmons edit all week, but wanted to hold out for today so it could ride out the weekend. Bobby came through on this, and I’m super thankful for it. Be sure to pick up Still Here if you haven’t.

Shout out to Bobby, Scott Marceau, Brandon Galosi, Torey Kish & Jason White for making this happen.


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edited by
  • Mikeymcface

    Fuck yeah Bob

  • Ha To Good

  • Tom Perry

    that 3 was beastly, i can dig it

  • Word

    Is the film footage an actual 8m or is it just an effect? I have my grandma’s Super 8 and have always wanted to film with it. Where do you get film?

  • The Real Tom Perry

    you cant dig anything tom

  • Spoonsparty

    Awesome edit.

    You can do some diggin’ online ‘Word’ (unlike Tom, I guess…), check local camera stores as well.

  • Nuno

    It’s real Super 8.

  • Bmx

    What’s the song please??


  • Fatass!

    One of the best videos I’ve seen lately!

  • Thefutureman

    let me just tell you man, major props shits sick as fuck man. I dont think i have ever watched a web edit twice. but i did…

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