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Phlandus Alexander, Double Tire to Barspin, Minneapolis, MN

Standard’s Phlandus Alexander has a lot more to offer than a unique name. The guy has a ridiculous amount of bike control, flowing around the streets with ease. Just don’t try to get a session going with him during UFC fight night, because there is no way you are going to drag him away from the TV. For this specific shot, we had been riding pretty much all day and ended up at this spot with little energy left. Phlandus pulled it together, and a few tries later we had a photo that sent us both home smiling. Here he double tire rides to barspin, something I definitely didn’t see coming since just getting pegs on the thing isn’t easy.

Canon 1Ds Mark II, 15mm, 1/250, f/7.0, ISO 200

Ben Austin

3 responses to “Ben Austin @ Random”

  1. Tomd says:

    Yeah Phlandus!

  2. Bink says:

    Damn. That’s not an easy thing to do at that spot.

  3. says:

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