Last Name London Video

This past September, I moved to New York from Vancouver B.C. The main reason for moving out here was motivated by my work and to basically push myself and to take everything I do to the next level. To say moving out here was a good decision is definitely an understatement.

One of the first big projects I’ve finished up is a music video for Theophilus London. Theophilus has had a bunch of mixtapes and great success over the past year or so, but he has just recently been signed to Warner Brothers and is getting ready to release his first full length album next month. The first single off the new album is titled ‘Last Name London’ and I was lucky enough to get to direct the video with my good friend Nathan Brown.

The video premiered on all the MTV channels as well as yesterday and we are all extremely excited on how it turned out! You can check the video above and keep reading for some behind the scenes photos that I took during the shoot!

5 responses to “Last Name London Video”

  1. Johnnnyburner says:

    looks like a decent student work,……an and little lot like kanye’s all the lights

  2. Dan3d86 says:

    that was sick

  3. Danny D. says:

    jump ropes!

  4. Danny D. says:

    jump ropes!

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