Justin Kosman @ Random


Ben Hennon Phoenix, AZ

Hennon was randomly in the states about the same time we were doing a Pro-tec trip to AZ so he hopped in the RV and joined the crew heading west. Most days this is how you’d find Ben chilling- but not literally because it was hot as hell that week. He’d grab his bike, suck down some Coronas, shoot a couple photos first try and then go back to tanning- which usually meant sidewalk/shirt off/more Coronas.

Here Ali Whitton carves the deep end while Ben maximizes his vitamin D intake. Life is good.

Shot on Sprocket Rocket full-frame camera.
1/100, f/16, Fuji Velvia 100, pushed +2 stops and cross processed in C-41.

Justin Kosman

4 responses to “Justin Kosman @ Random”

  1. Max says:

    Ben should be president of the world…

  2. Mike Hines says:

    That is directly in my path for the drop in and the weird tranny spot. This is the wrong type of pool environment for him, there are great swimmer pools not far with babes and sun tanning lotions.

  3. Andydreads says:

    Awesome Photo!
    Awesome Pool!!

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