Interview: Brian Kachinsky

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You’ve been active and relevant in BMX for a long time, and have seen it through a lot of its phases. What’s your general outlook on BMX these days?

I think BMX is at an awesome spot right now. I have been lucky enough to watch it grow over the past 16 years or so, and it seems like more people are able to build their life around it which is a great thing. I do think it could come together a bit more however. I think we could all get along a bit better and work together for the common good of BMX. We like BMX because it’s not a team sport, but I think we could team up a bit more and make more happen for ourselves.

I think the current generation of pro riders that I’m a part of is awesome though, it seems like some past generations of higher profile pros didn’t get along. You’d always hear about big name pros getting wasted and fighting with each other and all that shit. I don’t see that happening in our generation and I can honestly say that I’d open the doors of my home to any of them. I think we can be proud of that. It’s still not perfect but it looks bright for wherever we want to take BMX from here.

How do you think your personal riding has changed/evolved over the years?

I think my bike set-up has changed a lot and the tricks I do have changed as well, but I think the general mindset hasn’t changed at all. I still like to push myself and my favorite thing to do is combine stuff that’s technical, yet also sometimes big and scary. Dave Freimuth style. I think I still get motivated most by spots/setups. Finding an amazing spot that is something that I crave and am always searching for. Learning a new trick is still the best feeling in the world though, you can’t beat that. I still have to work hard to learn them though. Just because I’m pro and have received lots of recognition doesn’t mean that I don’t still get slung to the concrete often. It’s all good though, it keeps you humble.

Seeing as you are pretty active on Twitter, what is your take on it? It seems to affect the BMX scene both positively and negatively.

Twitter for me has been nothing but positive. It’s allowed me to keep in touch with tons of people I am great friends with and also made me better friends with people I didn’t know that well before. It’s great and it’s funny. It can be abused, but social media doesn’t come with a rulebook, it just reflects on who you are. That’s all. It’s sweet. (@bkachinsky @insidethebakery)

What’s coming up for you?

My next month consists of:
Release of my Etnies Jameson 2 Mid colorway which I’m super stoked on, Bakery stuff, trip to Germany (Masters), Poland (Baltic Games) , X-Games, Nike HB Pro, 4th of July, BBQ’s, etc. Summer is awesome!

Now, onto some Twitter questions we got from @defgripcrew followers:

@koreysayshiI’ve seen you do tons of wild rails, which is the scariest rail attempted to date?

It’s hard to choose just one, but I’d have to say any nollie to grind stuff I’ve done is always the scariest. I’m pretty consistent with nollies, but it’s still never as predictable as a straight hop onto a rail. Nollie tooth or gap to grind is probably the ones that get me the most scared. I’d say any rail I’ve had in a video part usually scared me a bit though.

@Ben_WardWhat is Nibbles percentage of ownership in the Bakery and is it true he’s completely nuts?

Nibble, the ceramic non-living squirrel has recently become our mascot for roadtrips ever since I rescued him from the northern Wisconsin thrift store. He is currently the only live-in resident at The Bakery. Watch out for him in 2012, he’s making moves and “riding his tail off” on a daily basis.

@88fotodesignHow’s the brakeless setup treating you? Anything making you want to switch back?

I love riding brakeless since it’s such a challenge. Some of you may recall that I used to run both front and back brakes up until a few years ago. I miss them most on mini ramps and subrails, that’s about the only time I wish I had them on. Otherwise brakeless seems like a semi permanent thing for me these days.

@joelbarnett1025What video part are you most proud of and why?

I’m proud of all my video parts even though I have never actually finished one without being injured. I guess that means I gave it all I had which isn’t a bad thing. I’m most proud of my Props interview because I was happy with my riding and happy that I could pay respects to those who helped me along the way. I also tore my ACL halfway through filming it and continued on without it and still got it finished. I hope you all enjoyed it!

@jerseytHave you ever backed out of something because you couldn’t make yaself do it? And what was it?

I have had to back out of things but usually not without at least trying it once. Usually the only thing that makes me stop is weather, police or not picturing myself getting it done. My biggest fear is not trying so I at least give it a proper shot before I decide to call it quits or get it done. Thankfully it usually works out in my favor.

Thanks Brian! Any let words before we wrap this up?

Huge thanks to my friends and family who help me out and are understanding of everything I do. Huge thanks to my sponsors DK, Etnies and Arnette, I appreciate the loyalty and support and consider them family as well. They believe in me and everything I want to do without question and I can’t thank them enough for it. Thanks to everyone who help with The Bakery and turned all this hard work into a lot of fun. Most of all, thanks to everyone in the BMX industry because you all motivate me in one way or the other. Cheers!


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  1. ruh says:

    Dear Brian Kachinsky,

    You are awesome.

    Dan O’Halloran

  2. Timm-e says:

    I absolutely love that Props section. It gets me the most stoked to ride to see that someone I look up isn’t superhuman, that they take slams too! Watching a polished edit can make you feel horrifically unskilled haha.

  3. CY Magazine says:

    Awesome interview, congrats on The Bakery! Check into another great interview on BK @ CY Magazine

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    That is true for funding recommendation as properly.

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