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The BMX peanut gallery always likes to bring skating into the equation. Do you take any offense to The Bakery being referred to as “the Berrics of BMX”?

Haha, I actually had some bets waged on when the first comment like that would pop up. I of course knew it was coming and don’t really take offense to it but would disagree. I don’t really follow skateboarding or The Berrics much, but it seems like they have (or had?) a good thing going on. Good for them! I’ve met Berra and Koston and they seem like really nice dudes. The Bakery is different and it’s BMX and I hope the Berrics at least has plumbing, heat or A/C in their building. We don’t, and those ovens get hot!

I hope this makes sense, but The Bakery feels like ours (ours as in BMX), whereas something like Mirra’s warehouse for example, seems kinda like an intense training facility (although that might not be the case). What do you think sets your spot apart?

I’m not sure I can answer that, but I guess the purpose of both our facilities are to ride BMX, but there’s obvious differences in the ramps, rails, set up, size, etc. I just built the stuff I liked to ride and stuff that would be interchangeable/movable to keep the possibilities for new set-ups endless. It’s a bit easier to move a grind box than it is to move a 6ft box jump or 8ft. quarter. I respect anyone who has made something of their own and taken the extra effort to have something to ride. It’s easy to complain about how you have “nothing to ride”. I don’t have time to complain, I just like to make shit happen.

Who are some of the “sous-chefs” helping out behind the scenes at The Bakery?

Andrew Brady and David Leep have teamed up to do most of the filming and editing. We have also had help filming from Paul Williams, Jeff K and yours truly. Andrew Brady and David Leep basically switch off editing the sections, but all three of us review them before they go live. Andrew Brady set up the majority of the website and got that going. David Leep has always been a great photographer and has a knack for making things look proper and professional, so we really have a perfect combination. These guys all have an amazing work ethic as well, which helps get things done and looking good.

How are you running The Bakery in terms of who gets a Baker’s Dozen? Are you mainly reaching out to people?

I reached out to guys like Corey, Van and other people I talk with regularly, but also sometimes it’s just spontaneous and if someone is available to come by for a few days, we just do what we can to make it happen.

Who else would you guys like to see in there? (hit them up on Facebook)

I know that you are a nice polite dude, but I also know the plethora of people within BMX. Do you anticipate having to turn people away?

That’s tough to say “no”, but sometimes it just has to happen. A big part of the reason I have to turn some people away is due to the fact that I can’t have a ton of people in there at once. I have an agreement with the building owner that it’s private and exclusive and that I will limit the number people in there to a sensible number.

Will there ever be a Kachinsky Baker’s Dozen?

I don’t think so. I think that’s weird. I love to ride it but I don’t feel like I need to promote myself at my own place or whatever. I don’t know, it’s a weird thing that I just don’t feel right about doing. I have filmed some stuff in there that I’m stoked on, but all in all I don’t want it to be about me. Never say never, but I don’t see that happening right now.

What’s next? How will The Bakery grow?

I plan on continuing the Baker’s Dozen series since there are still TONS of riders I’d love to see inside The Bakery, but we won’t be limited to that. In fact, we just experimented with our first of another type of feature that went really well and should be up on the site soon. I also have plans to build a few more things in there which should make things even more interesting.

All in all, we want to keep having fun with it. At the same time we always welcome feedback via social media (twitter/Facebook), email (, etc. Hit us up and let us know what you think and what you’d like to see!

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  1. ruh says:

    Dear Brian Kachinsky,

    You are awesome.

    Dan O’Halloran

  2. Timm-e says:

    I absolutely love that Props section. It gets me the most stoked to ride to see that someone I look up isn’t superhuman, that they take slams too! Watching a polished edit can make you feel horrifically unskilled haha.

  3. CY Magazine says:

    Awesome interview, congrats on The Bakery! Check into another great interview on BK @ CY Magazine

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    That is true for funding recommendation as properly.

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